Monday, May 12, 2008


Last night I attended the graduation ceremony for a friend who has completed work for her doctor's degree in psychology. Many of the graduates spoke of transformational experiences that brought them here. I was struck by their persistence. They all had to figure out how to go around, or go through, the obstacles that showed up in their paths along the way. And they did. Their determination got them through, but they also couldn't have achieved this accomplishment without the supportive people who helped and stood along side with encouragement and assistance.

These were adults who couldn't have done this alone. This reminds us how crucial it is to a child's development to provide support. Some children are born with more than their share of persistence. They are fighters. When something grabs their attention or they decide upon a course of action, they stick with it. From start to finish, they work their way through. This takes incredible focus and drive.

Others are more externally driven. They need encouragement from us to keep at it. We sometimes wish they were more independent with a stronger self will to move forward. Though we must be careful not to do things for them, our gentle nudges keep them going. Our support can actually help them become more confident and self motivated as they experience successes along the way. Without our support, progress is more challenging, and they may give up.

Living with and working with children provide daily opportunities for offering assistance. Our persistence and determination to be there for them helps them become all they are meant to be.