Sunday, February 24, 2008

Lessons from struggle - Tender moments

We don't expect them. Sometimes we feel so overwhelmed by life that we can barely put one foot in front of the other. Recognizing the treasures within our relationships may seem impossible. Carole's tender sharing about spending precious time during her mother's last days reminds us all.

When I was recently with my mom and dad during the early days of her recovery from a serious fall, there were some tender moments I cherish.
  • Dad stroking mom's head and rubbing her back,
  • The tears of overwhelm, of fear, and of gratitude that we all shed openly,
  • The attentiveness of a grandson,
  • Love and support given freely to mom by family and friends,
  • Dad's new hearing aids,
  • Laughter of mother and daughter with private, inside girl-talk,
  • Reading a book to mom. We couldn't wait for the next chapter (Can't Wait to get to Heaven by Fannie Flagg).
In life, there are many such unexpected gifts - A hug from a teen... understanding silence.... a glance that communicates, "I understand." or "I love you."... the funny or touching things that are heard from the mouths of babes. May we all open ourselves to these treasures and remember them when we need support most.

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