Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Feng Shui of Caring for Children

I was just thinking today about the vibes that surround me here at my computer in my home office. I am a teacher and writer, so I am literally hemmed in by piles of papers and boxes of books, full-to-overflowing shelves, and file cabinets. In spite of this sometimes overwhelming clutter, some of my best writing and class planning has happened here.

Fung Shui is an ancient practice that helps us recognize the impact of our surroundings on our physical and emotional energy. Some practitioners are able to assess aspects of a person's quality of life through observation of their living environment. This is a metaphysical science whereby we are encouraged to create living spaces that help us tap into the chi (life force) that support us all.

Clearly, children are affected by their environment. The lighting, the noise, the busy-ness and pace of the activities, the number of people and children, the number of activities, the emotional charge of the interactions - all of these things and more can influence how children AND adults are able to function.

We know that when we are stressed and in a hurry and have too many responsibilities calling to us, we are less patient and less creative. So, of course, what we do to fashion a reasonable pace of life makes a huge difference in the process and outcome of our days. In these times, most of us are doing WAY too much, WAY more than is reasonable. And our environments prove this.... homes and yards that need attention, buildings too close together, streets and highways crowded with cars and people. I can feel it.

AND when I am conscious, I can breathe deeply and slow down, and put more of my energy into creating a space that nurtures me and the ones I live with and work with. Where are we going? What is really important? Who is really important? What can we do today to consider working more harmoniously with the energy that holds us all?

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