Saturday, March 27, 2010

New beginnings

My husband is experiencing a renewed appreciation for life as he adjusts to life with a stent in an artery in his heart. We are learning to eat differently. I am trying to make similar food changes, and this is not easy! One day at a time.

And all around us, there are other kinds of new beginnings. Bulbs and flowering trees are blooming. Everything is green (which is a very temporary things in Northern Calif where the rain stops in April and doesn't start up again until next fall).

We also have some new babies in the family and among friends. What joys these little ones can bring. Reminds us of our own sons when they were newborns and young ones. Boy, that was long ago!

I want to hold on to the excitement of new beginnings. I want to remember that each day offers opportunities for new possibilities. I want to have what the Buddhists call "beginners mind" with my daily life and not get caught up in "same old same old". I promise at least for today, to start fresh tomorrow. I promise to find moments of joy and wonder. I also want to have acceptance for all of the people I will encounter. Each day is a miracle, a time to be thankful for all that we have and all that we can create and do.

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