Friday, September 24, 2010

Who Guides us?

Guiding children is a big responsibility. Who guides us? Where do we get the ideas and creativity to respond in the moment to yet another challenge? How do we maintain our energy?

Each of us has our own answers to these questions. And when my children were young, the answers often came after their bedtime. I had some of my own time... even if just for a few hours. The days could be quite exhausting.

As they got older, I could more easily carve out time for myself. I have several hobbies I enjoy. And I also found some books that helped to reenergize me. I have been a parent educator since my children were little. Going to classes and support groups with other parents helped a great deal too. I was often facilitating those groups, but I got alot from them as well. I'm not alone. I could identify with many of the stories and experiences that were shared. I also kept a journal that I would write in occasionally when I was feeling especially frustrated. It helped to see the issue in black and white. It got my feelings out of my head and relieved some of the tension.

Today, I still find reading, writing and sharing very helpful. I find that my "inner teacher" can speak to me during these times and give me ideas or a sense of gratitude and peace. We all have moments when we admit we are out of ideas. Walking, sharing with a friend. Having someone to just listen as I describe what's going on often miraculously helps me to find my own answers. We all need support. We are not supposed to go through life alone. It is okay to ask for help.... to ask...

Have a great day today.

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JANE E KIRN said...

Yes back in those days, it could be quite exhausting as it is today for parents with children. The activities, events, school, music, sports, play. A mom being home all day can get pretty crazy, as does the dad upon the end of his day. I know a couple that just went away for the weekend to take a break. They described it as "being fried". They love their children dearly. But taking a break is ok and asking for help is even better.
I myself never asked for help. It was and still is hard for me to ask anyone to help me. I think this comes from my parents who were mid western farmers who moved to California where they continued to work hard at other things. I think taking that time out, the day or weekend away makes you a better parent. This is what I heard today, and I could relate to it.