Sunday, January 9, 2011

A new year

I always love to put the previous year behind me. Not that they have been full of bad, horrible experiences. They have not. As with everyone, there is a mix. Some hard things. Some frustrations. And also plenty to be grateful for. And I always look forward to the new year. This is a time for me to look ahead.... and ask questions.

What possibilities does this new year hold?
How am I going to learn and grow this year?
What can I do to pro-actively continue improving my quality of life?
Where do I need to stretch?
Where do I need to pull back?
What must I do to pay better attention to my life?
What will I notice when I focus on what is really important?
What will help me gain clarity in my decisions?
How can I become more loving in my relationships - toward myself and others?
How can I stay open to new possibilities and willing to try?

Life is really about living with the questions. They are always there. Children are always asking questions, especially "Why?" They want to understand. They are learning so much.

"Why is the sky blue?" "Why are people so mean to each other?" "Why did you do that?" I need to do something about these things. I need to be kind and loving. I need to seek understanding. I need to take action. So for today, I am walking into this new year, open to the questions. And responding...

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