Sunday, August 14, 2011

Guidance in the Pause

So sorry, kind readers. I have not written regularly. Life has taken me down many different paths. I write in a journal more than weekly, and decided to check in here today. I am making a slight twist in the topics here - Guiding our way, day by day. Where do we find guidance for our daily choices and decisions?

There are so many times during every day when we make choices. Of course many of these times are the mundane things of every day - what to have for breakfast, what to wear, which store to go to for groceries, what activities would be fun for me or the family today, what chores need to be done and when. The need for choices goes on and on.

But there are other choices, too - How do I react to that rude driver? What do I say in response to that tough question? What do I really need to do right now for my health or well being? What will I say to the kids when they are "driving me crazy?" It is so easy in the tension and rapid pace of our days, to react without thinking. Better to pause.... even if just for a moment to consider the "next right thing" or the truly kind or appropriate thing to say or do. Pause... one of those things that is simple, but not easy. When I pause, I am much less likely to say or do things I will regret. I'm less impulsive. I am more thoughtful.

To be of support to others, to do all those daily things with compassion and ease - we do best to pause and consider. This way, we get the guidance we need to do our best.

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