Sunday, August 5, 2007


Is it really so perfect in Perfectland? There is not a hair out of place. Clothes are all clean and match beautifully. Children always obey and do what they are told. But, do these people know how to have fun? Can kids be kids in Perfectland? Have you ever been there? Do you want to go?

What is really important, anyway? We want children to know we love them. We can encourage their creativity. We demonstrate our flexibility and understanding when we show our acceptance of them, just as they are!

When we have unrealistic expectations for children, sometimes they feel like they can’t do anything right. They never can do enough to reach the impossible assumption of eventual perfection.

Well, we all make mistakes. I notice mine on a regular basis. We all have our individual “flaws” and we have many strengths, too. Children’s individual abilities and uniqueness are what will take them forward into the future. They are not perfect. We are not perfect. But, we each have a lot to offer, just as we are!

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