Wednesday, June 11, 2008

"Summer time and the living is easy"

I always loved summer vacation when my kids were little. I was fortunate. As a teacher, my work schedule also relaxed for these few months, so my sons and I were able to have pretty flexible routines. I am not a hot weather person, so it was mostly about staying cool. Most summer mornings the guys could sleep in and play with their friends in the neighborhood during the day. We also visited local parks and did some swimming a few times a week.

It was pretty dramatic the way the day to day hassles would just about disappear. This was a reminder that the main thing that contributed to our typical challenges was our "too busy" schedule. We didn't need to get out of the house early and "on time." House chores were still there, but there was more time to do them. There was no homework to cloud our evenings. And there was less of a push for a consistent bedtime because the mornings were less demanding.

Summer time was family time for us. I know, not everyone has this luxury. Many parents have to work year round and their children must keep up many of the daily routines. With longer daylight, I hope you are able to have some relaxing evenings.

What helps you live more easily in the summer?

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