Friday, February 27, 2009

Being in time

Where does the time go? This is not about being "on time" but in it, present to the moment. I'm sure I have lamented many times before about the passage of time. Today I have been having one of those days that feels spacious. I keep looking at the clock and being surprised by how much time I still have. What a way to approach life? How can I hold onto this experience? There I go, wanting to micro-manage this or package it. I have been moved by a poem this morning, "Trough" by Judy Brown:

There is a trough in the waves,
a low spot
where the horizon disappears
and only the sky
and water
are our company.

And there we lose our way
we rest,
knowing the wave will bring us
to its crest again.

There we may drown
if we let fear
hold us within its grip and shake us
side to side,
and leave us flailing, torn, disoriented.

But if we rest there
in the trough,
in silence,
being with
the low part of the wave,
our energy and
noticing the shape of things,
the flow,
then time alone
will bring us to another
where we can see
horizon, see the land again,
regain our sense
of where
we are,
and where we need to swim.

But "if we rest... keeping our energy and noticing... then time alone will bring us to another place... regain[ing] our sense of where we are, and where we need to swim." Today, I have felt myself resting in that trough, and feeling nourished there. I am where I need to be. I can let some of the "shoulds" go, just for today.

In this busy world, what a gift to offer to children, to just be, to slow down. We can ask ourselves, "how important is it that I do this today?" And when we do slow our wild pace, children show us and teach us many things. They offer us creativity and curiosity and enthusiasm and wonder. Then for all of us, "I'm bored!" can be replaced with a world of possibilities.

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