Sunday, February 1, 2009

Knitting Socks

One of my favorite finished sock pairs

I first learned to knit from my mom when I was a kid. Then I relearned or got the new and improved instructions from a neighbor when I was an older teen. Throughout the years, now and then, knitting has been a source of creativity and relaxation. And to be honest, a way to keep busy while I was watching TV or a movie. Then about a year and half ago, I got the idea to learn how to knit socks. I found a great site online that gave step by step instructions. Following along, I got one done. Then I did the second one, and it was so much better, that I took out the first and knitted a third. My first pair was born. Since then I have made more than 40 pairs of socks.

Knitting socks has proven to be one of my favorite pastimes in all seasons. They are easy to take along and pull out anytime. They are a great gift. My husband says that when he wears the ones I have made it's like having me right up against him.... ah, sweet!

In tough times and good times, in all times, it's great to have a hobby or interest that brings us joy. A few weeks before Christmas, I was having tea with a friend at one of the local cafes. There was a young man who was carefully knitting what looked like a scarf on some big needles. I asked him about it. He said his girlfriend had just taught him that morning and he was planning to make scarves for friends as gifts.

What kind of creative pursuits are we encouraging in kids today? For ourselves?

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Jane said...

I started knitting socks just prior to you. I find when I knit it a time to "clear your head", and good quiet thinking time. I have not knitted in awhile, but I do enjoy making scarfs too. Going to yarn shops is the really fun part. You are right, people need to be creative. Like sewing. It seems sewing is almost a lost art. Thanks for reminding me about yarn...