Sunday, June 14, 2009

Remembering 60 years

Dad with my two sisters, Susan and Kathryn

My parents just celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary. Next weekend we travel down to San Diego for a family reunion and appreciation for all that my parents have given us.

Raised in the midst of the big Depression, Gordon Martin and Tricia Totten found each other through a church youth group. Mom had come to California with her family only a few years before, and Dad was born in San Diego. They each saw in the other a partner who could help to light the way during dark times, and bring joy and fun at other times. Theirs has not been a totally smooth life path, but whose is? Through it all, they have loved and accepted each other, and supported each other on the journey. They are best friends!

Mom has always loved reading. She is creative and has always encouraged us to follow our dreams. She took her role as a mother seriously, being room mother, scout leader, and chauffeur to many different activities that reflected our individual interests. Dad is a very hard worker, modeling the importance of a strong work ethic and life-long learning. Even at 83, he is writing a book on a science topic that he passionately believes in. They still dance weekly at local round dancing events.

We had many fun family times when we were kids. We went to church every Sunday, and on camping trips most summers. We four siblings are still close today, at a time when many families are split by differences.

What memories are we making for our kids? What kind of family life are we providing? What values do we reflect in our daily choices? How are we offering children the support to be all that they are meant to be?

Thanks Mom and Dad!!

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