Wednesday, July 4, 2007

In their own time

I just returned from visiting family. I was especially pleased to have a chance to visit with my nephews. Despite some tough circumstances during their childhoods, they are becoming fine young men, with strong goals and interests. This is a testament to timing for learning being out of our control. We do the best we can, providing love and guidance for children. We meet their basic needs for nutrition, shelter, health, and education. Children are also influenced by many experiences involving family, friends, school, and the wider community. All of these things work with their inborn potential to mold their unique identity.

I continue to wrestle with the notion of powerlessness. We each only have the power to determine our own reactions and responses to situations. When I remember this, it can feel very freeing. This doesn't mean I stop fretting, but my worries can be cut short when I breathe and remember that life is unfolding in spite of me.

This also doesn't mean that we give up, and back off from our responsibilities. Our loved ones still need our support. What we do let go of is the expectation that what we say or do alone will determine the behaviors of others. Maybe - Maybe not.

Growth and learning happens for each person, within their own timeline. I am grateful for many opportunities to remember this.... and to continue to encourage my own development. I plan to keep learning for a long time! I am grateful for those moments when I finally "get it" - whatever I need to learn, right now.

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