Sunday, July 15, 2007

Making Memories

I recently got an email from my 82 year old dad reflecting upon a recent 60th wedding anniversary celebration for some friends of theirs. It got me to thinking about memories. Yes, memories. Some things from the past we remember with fondness and joy and some with sadness. Our memories are tiny windows into the past. They have worked their way to help shape us. We have been influenced by many things, especially relationships that have been important to us over the years. And thankfully, we have opportunities every day to continue to make memories, to shape the future. I try to remember this when I interact with family and friends. Of course, I sometimes forget.

I was raised in a wonderful family. I am one of four siblings who have each followed our paths. We each bring wisdom and creativity to what we do. Yes, we have each made mistakes along the way. Actually, I think we learn most from our mistakes. Life would be pretty boring if everything always went along without any excitement or surprises. So, thankfully, those mistakes we all make and the good times work together to shape us.

My parents have 11 grandchildren. Some are already adults, with lives of their own, and choices that they make every day. These may not be the choices we would have for them, but they, too, are wise, creative, and capable young adults. The younger grandchildren have a way to go. Sometimes it is a long journey down the road to adulthood before we finally become all that we were meant to be. In fact, I feel like I'm still working on that, and continue to grow and change, mellow and soften.

Here I am, waxing philosophical. But, I seem to do that more as I get older. I am very grateful for all of my family. I am very glad that I am close to all of my siblings and connect regularly. We have had many great experiences together. And will continue to as well, on into the hopefully distant future.

Memories are tiny glimpses back in time, to the thoughts and feelings we had at that moment. Some of the details of our experiences are forever lost. Mostly, I want to remember the good times and the good feelings. And I am very grateful for family. I think about what legacy I will leave to my kids. I hope a big part of this will be about love of family and sticking together, no matter what. Offering support. Listening.

What kind of memories are you making for children today?

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