Sunday, January 18, 2009

Community Building - Change is comin'!!

Hey, times are tough, but change is coming. This morning in church many eyes were tearful with anticipation as we all held hands and sang, "We shall Overcome." This won't be easy times. But, when we all work together, we can rebuild this hurting country, and reach out to the world. I'm so excited and full of hope. My hope is that Barack Obama will create a presidency that feels very different from what we have experienced in recent years.

Diversity is encouraged. New ideas will be flowing. We will all be called to serve our country in some way, through volunteering and reaching out to others.

In recent years, too many have adopted a feeling of entitlement. The American Dream isn't about a free ride. The dream is fulfilled when we all work together. In America we can speak our mind. We have freedom and choices, but not if our choices are going to hurt others.

I will be watching lots of TV in the next few days, joining others in our national celebration. A big part of my joy is for today AND for future generations. What a message this gives to children. You can become whatever you want to be. And we are all behind you lending our support. Yes we can.... build "a more perfect union." Yes, we can!

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