Friday, January 16, 2009

Tough Times - Part 5 Community Building

During tough times and all times, we can't do this alone... this being life. We aren't meant to be isolated, and in fact, when we become isolated, times get tougher. And yet when I am feeling crummy, one of the first things I do is shut myself off from others. There's a difference between seeking quiet, meditative time to ponder our next steps, and closing the doors to companionship and support.

In these times we're in now, and in the near future, community is going to become even more important. I believe many people today are starved for connection. And yet, isolation and loneliness make it more difficult for us to reach out. Children can be natural connectors for us. When one of my sons was three, he would smile and enthusiastically greet strangers when we were out and about, "Hi, my name's Wade. What's your name?" And they need us to encourage their comfort with friends and competence in social settings.

So, we must be proactive. What can we do to build community? Here are a few simple "small steps" that I am going to take:
* I'm going to connect more with my neighbors.
* When I'm feeling stressed, I'm going to make more of an effort to call someone.
* I'm going to continue to make walking "dates" with friends.
* I'm going to smile more and greet people when I am at the store or doing errands.

More than ever, there are many changes that must be made to create a sustainable future. Building strong communities must be right at the heart of this effort.

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Working Mom said...

I totally agree. I think we all need to take steps to be more connected to other people. For me, allowing other people to be part of my life is something that I need to do so I can feel more fulfilled.