Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Every Child Homeschooled

Every child should be home schooled, no matter what other schools they also attend. Kids who are home schooled have adults in their lives who are totally committed to their education. And education does not just mean book-learning. They are given opportunities to experience many things that will give them a broad understanding of the world they live in.

* Frequent trips to the public library to research many topics
* Regular visits to local museums
* Chances to take things apart and put them back together
* Hikes in the local fields and forest, looking for creatures and plants
* Discussions around the dinner table about current events
* Acceptance of their individual talents and differences
* A variety of opportunities for socially connecting with others
* Experiences that show appreciation for diversity
* Community involvement with social service agencies

Our own children went to public school. Often they had great teachers; sometimes they weren't. But we always did things as a family that reinforced our value of life-long learning. We can't just send our kids to school (whatever the school, public or private) and expect they are going to learn everything they will need to know to succeed in life. And what often sticks are the things children learn at home. What are we teaching them?

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Anonymous said...

I too believe in teaching children with home experiences along with public or private school. We took our children everywhere with us. In the 1970's we began taking them camping and visited most all the National Parks in USA. One year we took them out of school for a short period to go to Yellowstone. They are grown adults now, and have never forgot their trips on the road. The music they listened to while driving those miles are with them today. Day trips are important too. We would pack lunches and go to museums, parks, art gallery, music festivals. They hold on to those memories as much as I do to this day.