Monday, December 1, 2008


I am usually very patient with small children. They get frustrated when they can't do something. They are bored with what we are doing. They don't have a long attention span. They can't always do what we want them to do. I'm usually able to distract them or find something else that will soothe their frustration.

I'm not so patient with older children, teens. or adults. Somehow I am more likely to think, "They should know better." Hey, I'm also impatient with myself for the same reason. If I get caught up in this, I forget my good intention. The truth is that in the moment, we don't always know better. Judgment and discernment can become clouded by curiosity or interest or impulse.

This last holiday weekend and the time ahead is giving me a reminder to muster all my patience to deal with the impatience and impulsiveness around me and within me. As experience so often teaches, when times seem crazy, my own reactivity does not help. The only person I can really influence is myself. So, in hectic traffic, in lines at the store, when my own family members seem oblivious to all the things that need to be done around here, my patience is the ticket to rising above these things and enjoying the moment.

Breathe, Glo. When I am waiting for an important event or announcement or whatever, this brings me back into line with my patience. I can now notice the generosity and kindness and understanding that is all around.

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