Sunday, December 14, 2008

Tough Times - Part 1

I love to go shopping at the local "Grocery Outlet" because you never know quite what you will find. In these tough times, I can definitely count on paying less there. Today, right behind me in the check out line was a self-described stay-at-home mom. She said this was her favorite place to shop. They often have organic and specialty foods that she would pay lots more for at the natural foods grocery store. She was out on her own, with her two year old napping at home with dad. She and her mom have fun when they can come together and they both leave with a cart full.

And speaking of dads, there was a young dad shopping with his two year old son in the cart, and grandma (the dad's mom) helping out. Dad was picking all the right foods, with the hope that this picky toddler would eat them. He was pointing to a box and asking his son, "Who's that?" Elmo from Sesame Street was there to promote some fruit snacks. I love that they were making this necessary shopping trip a fun experience for this child.

Times are tough. We are all going to be tightening our budgets to make ends meet. We are going to change some of our usual routines. Especially in tough times, we can still surround ourselves with family and friends and have fun! Even at the grocery store.

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