Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Surprised by Love

Oh, I just read a very touching note from a colleague. He and his wife adopted a little boy a year ago. He said, "We never knew we could love someone so much." We are often surprised by how much we love our infants. These little energy balls of possibility are constantly waking us up with their delightful curiosity and wonder.

Then, children grow up and sometimes their behaviors are much less charming. In some of the tougher moments, we can forget how cute they were. Yet, children are amazing. They all deserve our love and commitment. They need our help and support... even beyond the teen years.

This is my wish for the world.... love. And I wish that every child felt this kind of unconditional devotion from parents and family members, even as they grow into more awkward, testy phases. Love is not all we need, but it is SO important. Wishing you all some love on this wonderful December day!

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